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Crowlify: the new tool to accelerate the adoption of HCL Commerce

by Orienteed announcements, October 27, 2022

After several months of teamwork at Orienteed India and Orienteed Italy, we are pleased to introduce Crowlify. A specially designed tool under a new concept: to simplify the adoption, construction and implementation of the HCL Commerce v9.x stack under a composable perspective.

Thanks to Crowlify, it will be possible to significantly accelerate all operational aspects within the HCL Commerce ecosystem, allowing companies using this renowned commerce platform to stay focused on driving their business.

crowlify dashboard

What is Crowlify?

It is a cloud-native, operational tool that has been specifically designed to simplify building and deploying the HCL Commerce stack, managing data flow, and resolving day-to-day issues.

The tool can reduce the complexity of managing multiple environments within an HCL Commerce ecosystem.

We were obsessed with the idea of accelerating the adoption of HCL Commerce 9” said Marco Fabbri, CTO of Orienteed Italia, when asked how the idea of the tool that we now call Crowlify came about.

And we were convinced that we could consolidate our experiences into an asset to transform the approach to business operations. Almost every time we were involved in a migration or new installation, customers always asked the same question: We downloaded the latest Docker images, now what?"

"We created Crowlify to answer that question." In addition Fabbri has said: “to allow them to implement environments with a few clicks, to make it easier for them to focus on their business instead of creating a new development team. To make build procedures transparent, reduce the time to market required to deliver new features using ephemeral environments, simplify governance and troubleshooting with a deployment overview.

"It has been a great effort from the team in India and Italy to reach this goal," he concluded.

crowlify dashboard info

The main features of Crowlify

For the team behind the project, Crowlify is part of a larger vision. And although this first release version is still evolving, the team is convinced that it will be a fundamental tool for observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting of HCL Commerce environments.

Additionally, Crowlify's modular design will allow you to compose custom commerce stacks that include CMS, other eCommerce frameworks, and in-house applications.

To automate and streamline processes, reduce potential risks and the effort of manual activities, with Crowlify it is possible to

  • Create and monitor an environment requiring fewer people, not necessarily infrastructure professionals.
  • Perform automated tests that will be integrated with the product and triggered after each deployment, reducing the risk of regressions.
  • Visualize the most important KPIs, which will be displayed in a summary dashboard, speeding up the troubleshooting process.
  • Trigger a new deployment, after each commit/label is created, which will speed up the QA process and increase code quality, minimizing wait time (from local to production).
  • Centrally manage all data flows, reducing load issues and enabling reliable data alignment between environments.
  • Transform environment management in a fixed cost, with no more unpredictable costs to create, change or update a Commerce environment.
  • Reduce overall TCO, keeping environments alive only when needed and deleting them out of working hours leveraging the ability to recreate everything from scratch

This is why we say that with Crowlify, managing your ecommerce stack has never been so easy. Because ultimately, the solution helps make all your systems and applications observable, delivering actionable answers, and technical and business value as quickly as possible.

If you are operating in HCL Commerce environments and would like more information about Crowlify, please contact us at this link.

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