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Whatever your ecommerce technology is, it can be enhanced to meet your current needs. We work with the best decoupled solutions to act where your ecommerce needs it most. The first step is an audit.

We are certified specialists in Amazon Web Services and several ecommerce platforms. We migrate your current infrastructure to a cloud or a natively scalable solution. Here are some examples of our success stories:

  • Migration from Magento on-premise to Magento on AWS as a Platform as a Service

  • Migration from Drupal on-premise to Drupal on AWS as a Managed host service

  • Migration of Magento to the latest version of HCL Commerce on AWS as a Managed host service

  • Migration from Prestashop to SnipCart + DatoCMS

  • Migration to the latest version of HCL Commerce

  • Migration to the latest version of Magento

Our quality team has extensive experience in the preparation and execution of stress and load tests, in order to evaluate the behavior of your current ecommerce platform. We test for site weaknesses by generating an incremental number of simultaneous test users in order to discover the maximum number of users supported.

We offer multi-lingual technical support with a team of operators and testers, coordinated by a Service Manager, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide the tools and expertise to manage and prevent incidents. We are certified in the best monitoring and alerting tools for ecommerce (among them, Dynatrace, New Relic, Elastic).

Our quality team validates every flow and functionality of your online store with different devices, different browser versions and in different countries, in an automated system or as a one-time service.

We work with the ecommerce platform that best suits your business. We operate with ecommerce technology solutions such as HCL Commerce, Hybris Commerce, Magento and SnipCart.

We provide our customers with innovative user interfaces based on technologies such as React, Gatsby, PWA and GraphQL, offering your customers a modern user experience that meets their expectations in terms of usability, performance, stability and consistency especially with new generation devices.

We modernize your ecommerce platform by injecting Artificial Intelligence functionalities that allow you to personalize your communication with users and build customer loyalty, thanks to the support of web services from AWS Machine Learning, AI components from Elasticsearch, or Apache SOLR and pattern extraction with automated data analysis.

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